Dantaya is a beatproducer from Vienna, Austria. He is popular for uniting classic sample based beats with new elements and styles. His music style goes from Boom Bap over New School Trap till Electronic Music. As he always says, the most important thing in beatproduction is soul within his beats.
He loves to work with samples of vinyls, with Soul, Jazz, Movie Soundtracks, African rhythms, Asian tunes, classical music and acapella voices. He passionately breaks them down into its pieces and reunites the pieces to new tunes. His aim is to unite new elements with classic Hip Hop elements just like uniting brought-in synthesizer with sampling with vinyls. Dantaya does not reinvent the wheel, but gives the wheel a new, specific style.

(His passion to music enflamed in younger years when he had listened to albums by Wu Tang, Nas, 2 Pac, Biggie. In the early 2000’s he started his billingual career as a MC and Reggae-/Dancehall-artist, but meanwhile his desire to produce his own songs got bigger until he finally started his career as a beatproducer.)

He does not only work as a solo beatproducer, but also works together with artists who fits his taste like MC Missin Link does with whom he has been working on their project „RAW FOOTAGE“ for two years, and on a upcoming project with the talented soul voice Anita Stylez.

During his career as a beatproducer, He had many collaborations with different artists like rappers, female RnB singers, Soul singers, Reggae artists and Dubstep producer. E.g. Fashawn, Reks, Missin Link, Anita Stylez, Slim21, Emiliano, Team H- Town, 3gga, Shary Ann, Motsa, etc.